English Village Designs

English Village Designs

27 cut-out cardboard models, easy to make with scissors and glue.

And 7 press out Historical Paper Dolls with cut-out clothes.

Be Creative - Make a Model

Village House - English Village Designs

  • Make a model village.
  • Add buildings to a OO gauge model railway.
  • Forget about card models with lots of fiddly pieces.
  • Our models are easy to make.
  • Most of the one sheet models have only 7 pieces!

You can find all our models here:  One sheet models, Two sheet models, Village Pack

28 colourful and collectable cardboard cut-out models, with a limited number of pieces, easy to make with scissors and glue.

The village models are approximately OO scale.


‘I received these, thank you!  They’re for a friend who saw mine and wanted some to bring back to her friends in the US.  Thanks for all the hard work, they are so beautiful!’   Jamie Wilmore, London

‘I bought the Village Pack, the Stone Cottage, the Old Curiosity Shop,  the Country Garage and the Tudor House.  When I’ve made them up, I am going to set them out on green paper on a piece of card to make a pretty English village.  I love them!’  Patricia Brown

‘With my current order, I now will have every single model available, and most of them completed! I do love setting them out on the table and creating scenes.’ Samantha Stein

Be imaginative – dress an Historical Paper Doll

  See them all on the Paper Dolls page